Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Protecting her child

I was riding the bus home when it started to rain. So I wrapped up and got my umbrella ready as we neared my stop.

Off the bus, brolly up, the bus pulled away. I noticed a family walking on the opposite pavement. Two children lagging behind mum who pushed a buggy. I was surprised to see the mum with bare arms. It was not warm at all outside. I looked again and saw her thick tights and boots. Hmm. Then I saw her coat draped over the buggy, designed to protect the occupant from the rain.

I admired her selflessness in putting her child's comfort ahead of her own.

It was a thick dark coat so I hoped the child was asleep and/or not afraid of the dark, and that there was some way that air could get to the child.

And I hoped they would be home soon.