Thursday, 5 February 2009

Home decorating .... again

Having spent most of the week avoiding decorating the bedroom that prospective tenants are viewing tomorrow evening and the weekend, I have eventually started on the project. I am now having a sit down break, whilst one coat dries, so decided to post this.

Last night the weather people forcasted more snow so I was hoping for the day off today because of school closures.

This morning at 7:20, the time I needed to be at the bus stop, I phoned my headteacher to see if the school was closing today. I was only partly dressed as I was sure it would be closed. She and other teachers are often in school at this time. However the conversation went like this.

"Hi Anne. How's it going?"
"I'm parked at the bus stop outside English Martyrs Church. If you're ready you can have a lift in."
"OK, I'm coming."

Well, I couldn't really tell her "No, I'll wait here until you get to school and decide to close today." Could I? Because she might have decided to keep open and then I would have been very late.

So I scrambled for my clothes and boots, (fortunately there was something ironed), threw some food in my bag for breakfast and lunch and tottered off down the road trying not to slip on the fast melting deep snow.

There was another teacher in the car, (that is why she was parked there). Three of us live in West Reading but the school is situated in North Reading. The roads were a little tricky but we got there alright. However as we were nearing the school we noticed the conditions were worse because it was much higher ground. I expected this to be the case. There was more snow and the temperature was colder so not so much slush. The approach road to the school was dangerous. I expected this because it is always so slippy even when it is just a frost.

Anyway, we got into school and Anne decided to close the school. So there was fun and games trying to change the telephone message whilst the phone kept ringing. She had recorded a message last night saying the school was open. She wanted to wait until 9:30 to let some workmen in but we actually left to go home at 11:00 am. She was gathering up paper work and information so she could work at home.

As it was I was gainfully employed in marking, recording the levels of the children and preparing more lessons but I would rather have been at home decorating. I am not on a contract and only get paid when i work so was pleased that I would be getting paid for today.

When I got home I found Claire was there. She had waited in vain for a bus and when phoning into the nursery, where she works, was told that the buses were not running and they had two children and four staff so her boss told her to go home.

So we have been washing walls and ceiling and painting.

The last time I painted was over 3 months ago, when we were preparing another bedroom for a prospective tenant. (Also at the last minute.) I had found a system where I do not wash the brushes or roller until the end of the project because I'm all for not doing unnecessary tasks. Instead I wrapped them in aluminium foil. However I started using a plastic carrier bag for the large roller because the foil did not like to be used more than twice.

Well, because we were so last minute, and the tenant viewed the room whilst the paint was still drying, we shoved the painting paraphernalia into the garage and because I was lazy and did not want to wash the brushes and roller I left them.

So now I can report that the foil did not keep the brushes from going stiff but the plastic bag kept the roller perfectly!