Monday, 9 February 2009

Walking in this weather

I was booked today at a school 21 minutes walk away from my house. Well, that is what Google maps told me.

I could have got the bus but it seemed a waste of money. When I worked at that school before I rode my bike but I have retired my bike for the winter as it is not comfortable riding it in biting wind and wet conditions and positively dangerous on icy surfaces.

After the snow and ice of the last few days it was raining today so I took a large umbrella. As I was walking I noticed the temperature was warmer than of late. As I was wondering why I wasn't cycling, a cyclist passed me on the road with both his hands in plastic bags (not matching), and taped at each wrist. I then remembered that wet hands get cold when exposed to wind, and thought THAT is why I'm walking.

I saw a few daffodils blooming in pots in front gardens and crocus buds showing their colours too. I was glad to have seen this sign of spring because there were still patches of ice on the sunless patches of pathway.

It was quite miserable on the way home as the temperature had dropped and the rain seemed colder. I was tired from having a challenging class of 5 and 6 year olds, many of whom were not yet ready and did not want to learn to read and write and do teacher directed activities. I abandoned the afternoon planning and let them choose what what they waned to do.

I kept a careful eye on the traffic and the surface of the road. Nearing home I was taken unawares by a forceful shower of icy water drenching my left side. Looking back I could not see a puddle on the road but noticed the lorry, with it's heavy weight had forced water up from a drain cover. (A lorry, for those unfamiliar with the word is : "Lorry": A truck is a type of motor vehicle commonly used for carrying goods and materials. (From Wiki via my friend Jennifer.)

Google was wrong. It took me 29 minutes. I know those who are familiar with my walking speed will say, "But oh mum, you walk so slowly. no wonder it took you longer!" However I will counter that by telling you that I didn't walk my normal speed. I walked uncomfortably fast the whole journey. If I was mathematically inclined I could work out the percentage to add on to each journey I take, when checking Google maps walking times, but I'm not so will just have to guess. And gauge how long it will take to look at the daffodils and smell the roses.