Saturday, 28 February 2009

Egg Shampoo

I prefer to use natural products on my body because the skin is the largest organ we have, and it absorbs anything that's put on it.
I'm OK with natural soaps which I can buy locally, but shampoo is a little trickier.

I thought I had found a great one, made from Neways, a company that advertises that they only use safe ingredients. Then they confessed that they use parabens. So when my daughter found the NAKED range of products in the local chemist (drug store for my American readers), I used their shampoo. Unfortunately I realised that it may be an OK shampoo (not wonderful, in my opinion) it still comes in a plastic bottle with no chance of refilling it.

I then came across an article on a blog talking about shampoo bars, but they only seemed to be made in the USA and by very small family businesses who all happened to be out of stock at the time of looking.

I used to wash my hair every day, but then I read an article about never washing hair. Some people have found this to be very successful. Apparently after a few weeks of gross hair, it settles down to be glossy and wonderful. I thought, "Oh, that would be the greenest and cheapest option. Let's do that."

Well I got to the gross, itchy, uncomfortable stage and decided to compromise and wash my hair once a week.

I then came across a lady who says she never buys commercially produced cleaning and beauty products but uses natural products just as nature made them. This included using an egg to wash her hair and body.

So now I keep a little basket of organic free-range eggs in the bathroom. I wash my hair once a week with an egg that I break into a beaker and mix with my fingers. I have found it works best if I use half the egg, work it into my hair and rinse it thoroughly, then use the other half and do it again. I need to rinse it very well or my hair has a horrible feel to it next week. However, if I do it correctly, my hair is beautifully clean, glossy and soft.

I have also used an egg to clean my body and face, and it works very well, but it is cheaper to use the soap.