Friday, 29 August 2008

EFT group sessions

Are you feeling stressed?

Are you in pain?

Do you have painful memories?


Emotional Freedom Techniques has been described as acupuncture without the needles. It addresses both physical and emotional pain.

Try it out for just £10 at the Tapping Circle Group sessions.

Saturday mornings 9:30-11:00


Wednesday evenings 7:30-9:00

Email eft.with.patricia at or phone
Patricia Hope
0118 959 5675 to book your place.

White Gables 47 Parkside Road Reading RG30 2BT
near Prospect Park.

If you are not living near enough to attend these you may join by phone conference or skype. Contact me to find out how to do this.

Back home and back to work

I arrived in Heathrow about midday Tuesday having left Bozeman on Monday afternoon, and got home early afternoon. I opened the front door, pushed a pile of mail out of the way and stepped onto a very soggy hall carpet!

The ceiling, some of which was on the floor, was dripping. So I got a bucket and all the towels and trod on the towels to soak up the moisture. This procedure used up all the towels and turned them brown so before I could wash any of my clothes I had to wash the towels. It was not good drying weather but I need to get them dry quick so I could continue with the mopping up.
The ruined hallway was the only room I had decorated. The weather was dull, wet and cold and being tired I was feeling a little miserable as you can imagine. I had left all my friends and family in Montana attending a few days of seminars because I needed to get back to work.
The mail was wet but so was a box of books!

I was concerned that the carpet would get mouldy. I had a brainwave. I was now living in a place that had gas fired central heating and the radiators could be controlled separately. The weather was a little chilly but I would not have normally put the heating on however I made sure all the radiators in the house were off bar the hallway one an the one in the lounge that was by the hall door.

I decided that although I had no idea what had caused the leak, I needed to have a shower and brush my teeth. Next morning the dripping had stopped so there was not much for the guy to look at when he came to sort it out. Actually his job was just to report back to the owner. He said he would get the plumber to come and take a look. He left and I went to work having stamped on the now dry towels again. I still had not unpacked at all.

I was very fortunate that the class I had that day was the easiest class with the nicest children that I have on a regular basis. I was so pleased to have them for my first day back after a very tiring 10 day trip and stressful events either side of it. I still had dollars in my purse so I passed them round and we had a lesson on US currency and converting it to ££s.

Montana again

I usually have a shopping list when I go to the states because the exchange rate is so favourable and Walmart and Target have really affordable items. This trip was no exception. the problem was that I didn't have a car and the distances are so vast that walking is usually out of the question - and I have never seen a public bus in Bozeman . (Amazingly there is only one taxi company and that nearly folded. The new owner put up the fares to make it a viable concern. So a taxi fare from Bozeman to the airport trebled in a year.)

My friend runs a cleaning company and as she is a hands on boss she had a job on Sunday she needed to do so I offered to help her and her colleague do the job in return for her taking me to the shops - sorry... stores. In the USA a shop is a workshop like a car repair place. It was very hot and the house (a rental) we were cleaning had no air conditioning.

One of the things on my list was curtains for the house. There were actually curtains or blinds up in all the windows but some were awful. My lovely friend took me to several stores both before the conference and after it, but I only managed to get some lovely sunny yellow material to make a roman blind for bathroom.

I managed to arrange a lift, sorry... ride, down to the conference site which is 6 miles from an entrance to Yellowstone park.

The conference was a 50th anniversary of the founding of the Summit Lighthouse. An organisation dedicated to spreading the teachings of the Ascended Masters. I didn't actually get to attend much of the conference but I had a great time volunteering at the information booth and as a conference program assistant . I enjoyed the challenge of troubleshooting the last minute organisational stuff, like where do the few hundred conferees put their glad rags for the gala dinner when they brought them from their accommodations in the morning, and how to feed at least 100 people who wanted to climb a mountain on the day after the conference, and formulating notices and posters that needed to be translated into 4 languages.

Last year when the jubilee was being first talked about it became apparent that many Europeans who had never been to the States were planning on attending the conference this year. There is a conference every summer in this place, more or lass in the middle of nowhere, and accommodation is not always easy to find with so many tourists visiting Yellowstone Park and surrounding area. So I decided to rent a house or two and sublet it to any Europeans who wanted a cheap bed. The flights from Europe in the summer are so expensive especially as Bozeman is such an out of the way place, that a saving on accommodation is welcome by many.

I found a house on the Internet in the town of Gardiner at the entrance to the Park 6 miles from the conference site. the owner said the house was divided into two apartments - the attic and ground floor. I took both of them. The attic accommodated all the Austrians with some Swiss, about 15 women I think. This suited them 'cos they all spoke German and most could speak no English. Some people were on blow-up mattresses on the floor. They shared 2 bathrooms.

On the ground floor there was a bedroom for the 4 men and the other rooms accommodated 13 women. There were 2 bathrooms also. This American house was so enormous that even more people could have slept on floor mattresses if there had been more bathroom facilities. There were people from about 6 countries and all spoke English apart from one lady from Portugal.

I also rented a cabin accommodating 7 Portuguese ladies and a little boy by the river.

I found I was one of the last to bed and one of the first up so I was a little tired by the end of the 6 day conference. On the way home I didn't give a prayer about helping people and didn't meet anyone to help. But it was a definite overnight flight and I stayed in my seat more and actually slept quite well.

Thursday, 28 August 2008

The Journey

I had prayed before I went that I might help as many people on route as I could and I was very busy the whole journey. Most of the help was with EFT, teaching people how to do it and relieving them of little aches and pains. I spent at least 45 minutes with one broken footed lady in the gangway of the plane while she sat in her seat.

In the first hour of the of the journey I met an amazing mother of 3 small boys. Was changing her baby whilst her 2 older boys were sitting in their seat. I met her because I was going to use the lavatory (sorry, can't use the word toilet because it is considered a rude word in the USA and I don't want to use the euphemism 'rest room' 'cos it's not a room to rest in) and she had the door open so she could keep an eye on her boys. She said sometimes they all 4 pile into the tiny room! I kept on meeting her throughout the journey. I move a round a lot on plane journeys, especially those long ones. I think the long leg of this journey was 9 hours from Heathrow to Denver. I am either going on a walk, doing some exercises, going to the WC or getting a drink of water. This lady had an amazing calm manner with her boys and they were all as good as gold! The baby smiled the whole journey.

When we got to Denver I was in the queue near her and offered to help her juggle her stuff. We had to collect our belongings and re-check them in for our onward journey. It turned out she was going to the exact same town I was! Bozeman in Montana is not a large place by any means. The airport has 3 gates. She grew up there and was visiting her parents, having moved to Britain with her husband's job. I found it amazing that she worked full time because she was not at all stressed and her boys showed no neediness. She said that the lady who looked after the boys had gone with them to live in London because she was considered part of the family.

The middle boy, nearly 3 years old called me grandma for the first part of the journey and then changed it to Grandma Patricia when he was told I was not his grandma. She told me this was because I showed a striking resemblance to her mother in looks. So when we got to Bozeman airport and I came upon a lady who looked like me, I introduced myself. (I'm not a typical Bristisher. I do all sorts of things like that which is very out of character of someone from England.) Later, whilst waiting for our luggage I was officially introduced.

The plane from Denver to Bozeman was larger than the usual one that looks like a bus inside, and it was full. Many of those traveling were going to the same conference that I was going to.

At the airport I saw a Portuguese lady, going to the same conference. I had met her at a conference in Europe. Poor lady did not speak English and this was her first trip to the USA. She was relieved to see me and I managed to unite her with the bus that was taking people to the conference site 70 miles down the road.

I met up with my friend with whom I was staying for a few days and we eventually drove to her apartment in Bozeman well after 11pm. Amazingly it was still Saturday, but of course it was nearly time to get up on Sunday morning in Britain.

Moving house

I thought it was about time I posted about my summer. So, here is the first installment...

At the end of June I moved from a 2 bed furnished flat to a 4 bed unfurnished house with a large overgrown garden.

The house was being advertised as a shared accommodation for rent. It was designated thus by the renting agents because it was in a bit of a state really. It needed decorating throughout - grungy colours and dirty walls, with some carpets that have seen much better days. It also did not have an up-to-date kitchen and bathroom. The house was built in the 1960s and has the original solid wooden fitted cupboards in the kitchen and original bathroom furniture. Nothing really wrong with any of it, just not up-to-date.

The owner bought the property to build on and but in the meantime is renting it out until he can get permission etc. The rent is incredibly good value for the size of property. He said I can do what I like with the house. So I am decorating it. Every room. White.

I had to take it before I vacated my flat so I started the decorating before I moved in. I started with the entrance hall because that is the first impression. And the first impression was very depressing as it was. It was all done before our final moving day. (We had moved things from the garage and stuff we didn't use day-to-day a week before.)

So on Wednesday evening after work we moved the rest of our stuff with the help of a guy with a trailer and a van/car.

Claire had packed her bag before we moved and the next day she flew to Montana. I went to work Thursday and Friday, both days tutoring a child privately after work, and on Saturday I flew to Montana too. I had not packed my bag before I moved. I also had no time/energy to do much unpacking of household effects. Therefore on Saturday morning it was a little difficult to find things to pack in my bag. But I did it and caught my plane with no mishaps.

Something for your inner child

On another note here is a wonderful site that will give you a warm glow if you have a fast computer. (If you have a slow one, just take my word for it and move on to the next thing in your life.)

It is a potato parade and before you make one for your loved ones you can see a demonstration one. They choose a name at random for this and my demonstration had the name Trish! (This is a derivation of my name Patricia, one that I don't mind - not like Pat which I don't like being called... but that is another post.)

Anyway.... enjoy!
potato parade

Benjamin Zander: Classical music with shining eyes

This video is a gem. This guy has a wonderful philosophy on life. How many people can he influence who leave his presence with shining eyes?
He also plays the piano very well too.

Another great TED talk, it is well worth 20 minutes of your time. One of the commentators to this video wrote "I've seen 174 TEDs, this I'll remember as the one that made me clap without noticing! "
His last phrase is worth writing down and looking at everyday.

He quotes an Auschwitz survivor who as a result of a big regret in her life made a vow. She told him "I will never say anything that couldn't stand as the last thing I'll ever say."

Tuesday, 26 August 2008

..and EFT for a new day

Well, I hope you have a great sleep. And here is the Tap 'O the Mornin' video from Brad Yates to help you to get your day off to a good start.

Have a great day!

Monday, 25 August 2008

EFT at bedtime

I am posting two videos here from Brad Yates because I want to easily get to them. (I just click on the feed button on my toolbar and there I will find this post.) They are wonderful to tap along with before bed. However I didn't want to get distracted by the other videos on my YouTube favourites list.

But first, for those readers who are not familiar with the enormous scope of EFT here is an enjoyable video showing impressive results that can be achieved. I love that guy at the end doing jumping jacks after having been confined to a wheelchair for a few years.

Now here is "Tap of the Evenin'" with Brad Yates.

This is an interesting version of Ho'oponopono, which is from Hawaii. I'm glad I've found out how to pronounce it now.

I tapped with this Ho'oponopono video last night along with the Tap O' the Evening video and as I was getting ready for bed I found myself spontaneously being grateful for the tiny things - the layout of my stairs, the sink, my electric toothbrush and so on. And the first thought that I woke up with was "O God you are so magnificent". Mind you I often wake up with that thought.

Wednesday, 20 August 2008


It has been a long time since I posted anything.
This is because so much has been happening in my life that I don't know where to begin, and I know that if I sat down and relayed even a little of it, I would be here for a long time. So I compose posts in my head when I am away from the computer and don't get to share them.
One day soon I will make it a priority to share my summer.

However in the meantime I wanted to share this video that I think is very important for everyone to know. It will impact your future happiness when you understand the message here.
It takes 20 minutes, so get a drink, watch while eating or when you need a break to maximize your time.

Enjoy and learn.