Thursday, 28 August 2008

Moving house

I thought it was about time I posted about my summer. So, here is the first installment...

At the end of June I moved from a 2 bed furnished flat to a 4 bed unfurnished house with a large overgrown garden.

The house was being advertised as a shared accommodation for rent. It was designated thus by the renting agents because it was in a bit of a state really. It needed decorating throughout - grungy colours and dirty walls, with some carpets that have seen much better days. It also did not have an up-to-date kitchen and bathroom. The house was built in the 1960s and has the original solid wooden fitted cupboards in the kitchen and original bathroom furniture. Nothing really wrong with any of it, just not up-to-date.

The owner bought the property to build on and but in the meantime is renting it out until he can get permission etc. The rent is incredibly good value for the size of property. He said I can do what I like with the house. So I am decorating it. Every room. White.

I had to take it before I vacated my flat so I started the decorating before I moved in. I started with the entrance hall because that is the first impression. And the first impression was very depressing as it was. It was all done before our final moving day. (We had moved things from the garage and stuff we didn't use day-to-day a week before.)

So on Wednesday evening after work we moved the rest of our stuff with the help of a guy with a trailer and a van/car.

Claire had packed her bag before we moved and the next day she flew to Montana. I went to work Thursday and Friday, both days tutoring a child privately after work, and on Saturday I flew to Montana too. I had not packed my bag before I moved. I also had no time/energy to do much unpacking of household effects. Therefore on Saturday morning it was a little difficult to find things to pack in my bag. But I did it and caught my plane with no mishaps.