Friday, 29 August 2008

Back home and back to work

I arrived in Heathrow about midday Tuesday having left Bozeman on Monday afternoon, and got home early afternoon. I opened the front door, pushed a pile of mail out of the way and stepped onto a very soggy hall carpet!

The ceiling, some of which was on the floor, was dripping. So I got a bucket and all the towels and trod on the towels to soak up the moisture. This procedure used up all the towels and turned them brown so before I could wash any of my clothes I had to wash the towels. It was not good drying weather but I need to get them dry quick so I could continue with the mopping up.
The ruined hallway was the only room I had decorated. The weather was dull, wet and cold and being tired I was feeling a little miserable as you can imagine. I had left all my friends and family in Montana attending a few days of seminars because I needed to get back to work.
The mail was wet but so was a box of books!

I was concerned that the carpet would get mouldy. I had a brainwave. I was now living in a place that had gas fired central heating and the radiators could be controlled separately. The weather was a little chilly but I would not have normally put the heating on however I made sure all the radiators in the house were off bar the hallway one an the one in the lounge that was by the hall door.

I decided that although I had no idea what had caused the leak, I needed to have a shower and brush my teeth. Next morning the dripping had stopped so there was not much for the guy to look at when he came to sort it out. Actually his job was just to report back to the owner. He said he would get the plumber to come and take a look. He left and I went to work having stamped on the now dry towels again. I still had not unpacked at all.

I was very fortunate that the class I had that day was the easiest class with the nicest children that I have on a regular basis. I was so pleased to have them for my first day back after a very tiring 10 day trip and stressful events either side of it. I still had dollars in my purse so I passed them round and we had a lesson on US currency and converting it to ££s.