Saturday, 7 February 2009

The Tooth Fairy

Last Tuesday I was teaching a class of 6-7 year old children. Two girls had brought a letter they each had received from the tooth fairy.

One girl had written a note to the tooth fairy explaining that she had swallowed her tooth and so had made one out of card to put under her pillow. She brought in a letter that the fairy had typed on a computer in tiny print, with a printed pink background. She read it to the class. The Fairy told her that she left the tooth for her to show her friends at school and not to worry about swallowing her tooth, because "it happens all the time".

The other girl brought in quite a different letter hand written in sparkly purple ink on writing paper printed with pictures of fairies. Each letter had a curl or two on it, (must have taken the fairy a long time to write) and the girl told us it was awful writing. She read out her letter too and the fairy wrote that her name was Flutter.

To my knowledge no-one mentioned the fact that these were two very different letters. But they may have pondered on it later of course.