Monday, 16 February 2009

Busy Day

I decided to change my dining room into a bedroom for me so I could rent out the room I was using. Since moving to this house this is the 4th room I've slept in. I started out in the largest bedroom, and it really is very big. Then, having decorated the smallest bedroom, I moved into that whilst I decorated the master bedroom.

Well, I stayed in there because I rented out the large room. I then decorated a third bedroom and rented that out too. (He is since left so it is empty for another tenant. Could it be you?) Then I moved out to let my daughter move into it whilst I decorated her room.

I slept on the lounge floor for a while, but now I have moved into the dining room. It has a wooden floor, which looked smart and was very practical for a dining room, but it made the room cold.

Fortunately someone was throwing out a carpet, advertised it on freecycle and brought it round to my house. It fits very well in the middle of the floor. It had a lovely effect because it feels more cozy but you can still see the lovely wooden floor all around the edges of the room.

Last night I took another Freecycle delivery of a bed and a large blue wardrobe. It was painted a lovely shade of forget-me-not blue, but it didn't look right on the wardrobe. I would love to have something that colour hanging on the rail inside the wardrobe but it dominated the room so I decided to paint it.

In every room that I decorated in this house I have used white paint for walls and woodwork. So I painted the wardrobe white. It took four coats but now it looks so much better.

I was not idle whilst waiting for the 4 coats to dry. I got two loads of washing on the line outside, then put the clothes in the airing cupboard to air before the dew fell on them later in the day. I ate lunch, washed the dishes, checked my emails and facebook and wrote a page for my daughter's website. She has not put it up yet as she was at work all day looking after toddlers but it will be up soon. In the meantime take a look.