Saturday, 21 February 2009

My Picture

This is my profile picture on Facebook. Lots of people have commented on it, that I thought I would tell it's story.

It is called 'Patricia the Tutor' because one of the girls that I tutor took it using my phone. I help her with maths.

One evening she said "I wish you were here all the time because I feel calm and understand things when you are here."

She already practices EFT when she feels a little panicky about things. Her teacher even invited her to teach it to her class, because she has improved so much in her understanding and application of maths.

So I replied "Would it help to have a picture of me to look at when you are feeling this way?"

She said "Yes."

So I gave her my phone to take a picture of me. So there I am in my 'tutoring pose,' slumped on the table facing the child.