Sunday, 1 February 2009

Amy Walker

Amy Walker is a very talented young lady.
She is a superb actress - very believable, expressive and able to speak in many different accents. She also has a lovely singing voice.

My favourite video of hers, showing her immense acting talent, is "Hamlet Flosses".

In this next video she not only sings the song "Stand by Me" a capella, but accompanies herself using humming and clicks of the tongue at the same time!

She put this video up so she could advertise her project.

This is the synopsis of the film that Amy is inviting everyone to be part of by donated $1 to the making fund.

Synopsis Haiku:

Three generations
gather for a birthday feast.
Lifestyles collide.
Old wounds re-open.
Love is misinterpreted.
Until, with new eyes,
they begin to see:
“We all love in different ways,”
yet we’re Connected.