Saturday, 14 February 2009

A Sensible Judge

Are you the same as me? When I was young and naive I thought everyone was the same as me.

For instance I was very surprised when I found out that not everyone reads any print that their eyes light upon. Some people see print and do not read it!

I wonder if it has to do with curiosity (to read everything presented) or maybe self discipline (to prioritize your time efficiently)?
I am one of those people who read everything that their eyes light upon.

When I was younger (and ate breakfast cereal) I would read the packet every day, just because it was on the table in front of me, even though the information was no different to what I read yesterday. I still read every road side advert.

So it can take me a long time to decorate a room when I use newspaper to protect surfaces. I don't usually read newspapers because the news is usually depressing. But, of course, when I am painting, the print is staring at me, and I at it, so a lot of it goes into my brain. Well, the other day, when I was painting the woodwork in the bedroom I was decorating, an article lifted my spirits.

A man had fallen whilst climbing a wall in a gym and broken his back. No, this part is not the spirit lifting part, I'm not heartless (chuckle). The judge in the court case for compensation decreed that the gym was a quarter responsible for the injury because they did not say the mat on the floor would not stop all injuries. So they had to pay a quarter of the £4 million asked for.

However the appeal judges pronounced that the injured man was 100% responsible for his injuries because he knew it was a dangerous pursuit and it was obvious the mat would not stop all injuries. The judge said he wanted to set a precedent that people who choose to pursue adventurous and dangerous activities are 100% responsible for the consequences. YESSS!