Sunday, 25 January 2009

The power of EFT on toothache

My mouth is a bit of a mess, well it is the state of my teeth really, the rest of the mouth seems to be OK.

I have several fillings missing. I once had gold fillings but they fell out a few years ago. I tried popping them back in but they fell out again. I don't know if I still have them somewhere - maybe with my jewelry. I still have the holes where the fillings should be. The glue that didn't do a good job of holding the gold in place, is now protecting my tooth from further decay.

Anyway, last week I found I had a toothache. It was in a tooth that has an amalgam filling. The filling has been a little loose for a while and so now it seems that bacteria has entered in between the filling and the tooth, causing decay. The pain was most acute when I drank a hot drink, but it would start to pain sometimes for no apparent reason too. Each time I felt the pain I would tap the EFT points. At one time the pain was a 10 on a scale of 1-10 (after a hot drink) but mostly it was around 6 or 8. However the pain would always subside after a minute or two of tapping and most of the time it did not hurt at all. I have had no pain for two days although I can feel that there is a problem with the tooth and have drunk hot drinks through a straw.

Whenever I felt the pain I thought, "Oh I really need to go to the dentist," but I forgot about it all the rest of the time. I'm not actually registered with a dentist, so I would have to find one that could take me onto their books as an NHS patient. Easier said than done in England and it still costs loads of money even on the NHS.

I'm one of those people who put things off until I really have to do something. I pay insurance each month for dental work because I know I have to get so much work done on my teeth sometime, but I still don't do anything about it even though it is not easy to eat with all the holes in my teeth.

I was a little worried about how the dentist would take out the amalgam filling because I have read that it is a skill to take it out without releasing the mercury into the system of the body. A skill that very few dentists posses because most dentists are still denying that amalgam fillings can poison the body with the mercury that they contain.

Anyway that worry was solved this evening when my filling just came out whole. The decay must have loosened it more. It was very smelly. The amazing thing was that I expected it to be very painful now the decayed part is exposed but it isn't. I even managed to brush that tooth and swish it with water and it still gave no pain! It is a little tender but amazingly not painful. It is a 1 on the 1-10 scale, if I lean my cheek on my hand.

I can only assume the tapping has had an effect. Whoopee!!
Thank you God for supplying me with the knowledge if EFT. It is so useful.

UPDATE 27th Jan
No pain in the original site. The tooth is a little precarious due to having such a large hole in the middle of it and one side is a little wobbly, so am drinking soups form a straw.