Friday, 30 January 2009

L M Montgomery Reading Challenge

L. M. Montgomery Reading Challenge

I was interested to find this reading challenge because Anne of Green Gables is one of my favourite books. However I never really got into the books about her as an adult. But reading the review of 'Anne's House of Dreams' written by Sarah at "Another bend in the road" has persuaded me to try again with it. Read her review here.

I read a few of the short stories from 'Chronicles of Avonlea' online here

It was first published in 1912. It contains 12 stories, 3 of which I have read so far. They are not really about Anne but she does sometimes appear as a minor character in them.

I enjoyed 'Old Lady Lloyd' because it is a testament to pure love and how it transforms people.

Carrie, the originator of this challenge was raving about 'The Blue Castle' so I decided to read it. I found it online at

I found the first part of the story to be tedious and and depressing and only persevered because of Carrie's enthusiastic recommendation. However, I enjoyed the middle of the book. Once I understood she was working towards an improbably contrived ending, I started to predict how the story enfolded and chuckled as I was proved correct.

Here is a review of the book at tickled

Although reading the books online was convenient because it was free and instantly accessible, it was not quite so comfortable reading in bed with my Macbook balanced sideways whilst my head was on the pillow. :-)

So now I will get out my series of Anne books and read them with renewed interest.