Saturday, 17 January 2009

Happy Tapping

This is a poem that I often do with the children at school. They all love it and it really helps them. it is a really easy way to learn the tapping points and a great way to get children to tap regularly.

I did not make it up but I have changed a word or two to improve on the rhythm. I found it on the main EFT site I think Don White is from Australia.

For most of the poem it is obvious where to tap, just follow the words but I model karate chopping on my palm during the first two lines.

Happy Tapping!
By Don White

Happy Tapping is lots of fun
You can do it on your own - or with anyone!
Tap tap tap on the top of your head,
Tap tap tap do just what I said!
Tap on your eyebrow just near your nose.
Then the side of your eye where the hard bone grows.
Now on the bone - under your eye,
Don't poke your eye or you'll make yourself cry!
Now under your nose - but over your lips
Tap tap tap - with your fingertips!
Now under your lip - but over your chin,
Just on the bit where your chin goes in.
Now under your collarbone - but over your chest,
Under the bump of the bone is best!
The last on the list is under you arm,
To make sure you get it right - slap with your palm!

If you still don't feel good - don't go to bed,
Start tapping again on the top of your head!