Monday, 14 December 2009

A New Role

So now I'm a Grandma! My eldest daughter had her baby girl, Cara Isabella, in the early evening of 10th December 2009.

Cara was born at home attended by her father, and a very experienced midwife, a midwife who is not so experienced and, having moved states, is not yet registered in Montana, and an assistant who is in training to become a midwife. Helen says they were all busy and doing a fine job and I look forward to reading her birth story.

I asked Helen to tell me when she was in labour so I could pray for the event. Fortunately, she remembered I was praying and phoned me soon after the birth. I asked to speak to my new Grandbaby and she squeaked and squealed while she was being measured. She sounded delightful and happy to be here.

Two days later I spoke to her again on the phone and she stopped and listened to me! Helen said she became still and looked away from the phone with a look of concentration. How precious.

I'll be visiting them in mid January when the cost of travel goes down.

I'm looking forward to this new role. I do hope, though that we won't be living so far away from each other the whole of her life.