Thursday, 24 December 2009

Louder than Words

As I'm visiting the library on a regular basis I decided to read some inspiring biographies. I've just read 'Louder than Words. A Mother's Journey in Healing Autism.' by Jenny McCarthy.
She writes; this is not really a book on autism but a book about faith.

The person that Jenny reveals in the book is very different from the person she portrays in her picture on the cover and the person that she portrays as a 'minor celeb' as she calls herself.
She has long blond hair and bright makeup, but her writing reveals her to be someone who is in touch with her inner guidance, who talks to God often, asking what she needs to be learning from the situation she finds herself in. She didn't notice that her two year old son didn't hug her and give physical affection because she always felt the love his soul was sending her. She physically felt the seizure her child had on the two occasions he seized when she was hundreds of miles away. She shows amazing tenacity in finding answers to her child's health problems, not giving up even when she was breaking apart. Her determination to do whatever it took to heal her child even though she was the bread winner in her family. Her husband was less than supportive (in common with most men statistically in times of crisis with their children) but she stuck to the facts and her feelings of needing support and didn't overstate the problem. She was very restrained in her account of that side of her life. She also had an unwavering vision of her child Evan as a healthy teenager.

I would recommend this book but warn that she uses some profanity, especially when recounting her most stressful period when her child was regularly seizing and the medics wear clueless.

For those people who are interested in autism then this is an excellent book to learn about this journey to enlightenment about the treatment, which in Evan's case was successful. She also creates a pamphlet that she wished she had been given when she was first given the diagnosis.