Thursday, 3 December 2009

A Good Turn Each Day

The room I'm staying is is filled with stuff accumulated over the years by the family I'm living with. I'm slowly clearing out the things and today I came across a box of small items. Most of it is junk - old keys, hotel soaps, a box of paper clips, markers, a tub of small change and some bag ties.

I found one item, though, of great value. It's probably only worth only a few cents if that, but I wanted to pass on the value of it to you.

It's a large 'coin' with the boy scout emblem and the` words "On my honor I will do my best" on one side, and on the other is written "Secretly transfer me to your right pocket each day after your good turn has been done."

Of course this is for children, but don't we all want to do our best and don't we all feel great when we've done something for someone else? And don't we all forget when we're busy living our daily lives? This is a wonderful way to help us remember to do that good deed, however small every day. We don't need to have the coin, any object would do. A smooth amethyst or pink quartz would do and of course it helps to have pockets. But I'm sure we can find a way to remind ourselves that we still haven't done that good deed yet and need to do it before the end of the day.