Sunday, 21 September 2008

Our Inner Children

There are not many people who give their inner child the time and attention that he/she wants and deserves. Even those people who know about their inner child are often guilty of neglecting him/her.

I know I am and have done for years.

My daughter Claire and I write daily in our gratitude book. This is a ritual we have recently installed into the evening mealtime. We have a little book and each write about 10 things we have been grateful for that day. I instigated it but Claire is diligent and reminds me when I forget.

The other day we were talking about our neglected inner children after an EFT tapping session together, and so I suggested that we add something to our gratitude ritual. I'm very good at suggesting things. ;-) I wrote on the front of the book "Have I asked my inner child what she wants today?"

Well, neither of us have done this because we both thought that it would mean taking time out of our busy schedules to pander to them. However I think the fact that we have this question out in the open has helped us. Our inner children are actually talking to us and we are listening.

On Saturday I knew my inner child wanted to have lunch outside in the (rare this summer) sunshine. And again today. I realised that this did not actually take up extra time because I needed to eat anyway and the adult Patricia really enjoyed being in the sunshine too.

Claire's inner child wanted her to get a certain task 'off her back' today. This was a task that she had on her list for a few weeks and not completed and it was weighing her down. So again her inner child did not actually require extra time, but in fact suggested an activity that greatly benefited the adult Claire too.

So the lesson I have learned is that our inner child can greatly enhance our life if we let him/her and this dos not necessarily take up more time than we think we have available.