Monday, 1 September 2008

It's not just me that my actions affect

I noticed last night during my nightly prayers that I have been asking forgiveness for the same actions (or rather in-actions) for a few days now. So I gave a heartfelt plea for help with being more self disciplined.

I had a dream that had a disaster feel to it and on waking I pondered the meaning of it. The answer that came to me was

It's not just me that my actions affect. I am in a chain of events, an interconnecting web of people.

Now I do know this of course, but this thought gave me the clue to helping with my self discipline. If what I do affects other people then I have a duty (out of love for God and for them - we are all one) to be more self disciplined. I am more motivated, as I know most people are, to help others than to help myself.

It is not just in the little things like, if I don't wash up promptly when it is my turn, then my daughter has to look at the mess.
If I don't have a good breakfast and my blood sugar plummets, and I'm feeling grouchy whilst shopping, it means I am not cheery to the miserable cashier. She will then not give a smile to the next customer who may have needed that desperately to lift his day.
Our life is such a chain of events. If we are not in the right place at the right time we can affect lots of people. Even affect our life plan and those of others.

Procrastination. I have been pondering this recently and come to the conclusion that it is a form of rebellion. My inner prompting tells me I need to do so-and-so, but my lesser self decides to ignore it because it wants to do such-and-such.

So to get to the core of procrastination we need to tackle rebellion. I believe it is a rebellion against God. Not wanting to do God's will.
So what can we do about it?
  • We can pray for the binding of the not-self, that part of us that is our human creation. Praying out loud is more powerful than praying silently. click here for more information on this
  • We can visualise and invoke the violet flame (the flame of the Holy Spirit) around the situation that we are procrastinating about. click for information on the violet flame
  • We can do EFT to remove the psychological block that is causing the rebellion. Think back to all the rebellious acts and thoughts you have had and tap whist thinking about them. 'Even though I have this rebellious thought I deeply and completely love and accept myself". By accepting yourself with the problem that you have you will be able to let it go. If you don't like yourself because you have the problem you will be stuck with the problem. click for more information regarding EFT
So why am I writing this when my inner prompting tells me to get that washing on the line outside so it can dry before the rain comes?
OK I'm off to do it now. ;-)