Sunday, 14 March 2010

Being a Governess

I'm now officially a governess and have started a new blog to record the 'education' of my charges. Of course I cannot actually tell what they are learning (and I defy any teacher and OFSTED inspector to authentically know what any child has 'learnt') but I will give them rich experiences for them to do with as they wish. Both girls will be learning different things from the same experience.
Anyway here is the new blog.
I already have 3 posts and one About page.
Here is the info on the about page.

This is a blog about educating two girls at home. 'Nancy' is 5 years old and 'Lulu' is 9. (These are not their real names.) I am not their parent but their governess. This is a new venture for the family as the children were unhappy at the school they attended. It may or may not be a permanent arrangement as it depends how all parties feel about it.

This blog is designed to be a record of activities and achievements of the girls. I envision the audience to consist of the family, so they can keep track of their girls' education, and maybe any official body who wishes to check up that the girls are getting a good education. It may also be of interest to other people who are, or thinking about educating at home.

My educating philosophy can be described thus. Children learn by living their life. They learn when they are engaged in what they are doing. You cannot stop a child learning, unless you force them to do something they are not interested in for a sustained period of time, which has the effect of turning off their curiosity and motivation to learn. Oh, that sounds a lot like school, doesn't it? I therefore will not be 'giving them planned lessons' or workbooks unless they request them. I will however be giving them a rich pallet of experiences from which I hope they will be interested, gaining knowledge and skills as they go.