Sunday, 8 March 2009

The Humble Loofah (So green!)

This week I was shopping at my local True Food co-op where I came across a pack of loofahs for washing dishes. This, so the blurb tells me is
"Tough on Washing-Up
Gentle on the
Apparently, in the Philippines, people wash their dishes using a loofah instead of a plastic scourer. They are durable, effective and far better for the environment as they biodegrade when worn out.

Here is something I learned about Loofahs. I thought they were a sea plant, but no. They are grown as a vegetable and used in stir fries and stews.

The farmer allows some loofahs to go to seed for the following season's crop. Once the seeds are removed form the core, the remaining loofah is cut up and used as a scourer.

I've used loofah's before in the shower but never in the kitchen. However, having washed the dishes with it a few times now I'm finding it works very well.