Sunday, 23 January 2011

Moving on....

I remember when I first took this job in Wookey Hole, I remarked that I wouldn't want to become an enemy of my employer S....

Before Christmas there were quite a few days when she couldn't hold her stall at the market due to bad weather. However I still looked after her mother while she worked at home.

Since Christmas I've noticed a change in her attitude towards me. She has been curt and distant towards me and has given me extra days off (with no pay). I got the impression that she didn't want me around when she wasn't at market.

A few days ago the atmosphere got even worse. On Saturdays they do separate markets so yesterday morning, after she had left, I told her husband that I was not happy. He said the only thing to do was to leave. He said to pack and he would take me in the van on Sunday. But she wanted me gone that evening.

I won't go into all the details but I realised that a person can look very ugly when they are very angry. She wouldn't tell me why she was so angry, but I'm glad I stayed calm.

So here I am back at my mother's trying to fit all my possessions into the little spare room.