Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Shannon the Cat

Before I leave this house I must post about the cats here. Well actually they are kittens.

They are posh kittens in that they have certificates of pedigree and cost a lot of money. Because of their cost they aren't allowed outside in case someone steals them. The cats didn't know they were missing anything and never attempted to go outside, until they were taken away on a fishing trip. I don't think they actually participated in any fishing, they just went with the family to save the hassle and expense of boarding them in a cattery. They didn't appear to enjoy the journey. I know this because they were difficult to extract from under the car seats when they got home. But now, they know there is something interesting outside the front door they sometimes make a dash for it if they see it open.

I must say that only one cat has a full pedigree, the ugly one. She really is ugly. She has a face that has a permanent scowl on it. She looks very bad tempered. Fortunately she doesn't seem to actually have a bad temper. She, along with the other cat, a male called Peewee, who has only a partial pedigree, get hauled around all over the house, used as toys and get cuddled and squeezed to within an inch of their life. They are both remarkably docile with the amount of unintentional mistreatment they get, and only occasionally strike back with a scratch. I think this was the thinking behind spending so much money. The family has had several pets but some have not been suitable.

As soon as I saw the cat Marshmallow she reminded me of a girl who went to a school I taught at. Her name is Shannon. I looked at a picture I have of her the other day and was disappointed to see the picture looked nothing like the cat. She had smiled for the camera so wasn't wearing her habitual expression.