Tuesday, 6 April 2010

More Technological Wonders

I have been so grateful for the SAT NAV this last weekend. I remember how stressful it is to drive around London using a map or a list of driving directions, but using the SAT NAV is a cinch! I let the technology deal with the hard part while I concentrate on being safe.

It let me down twice however, but both times I was on a motorway so I just carried on and used my judgement. Both times it failed was when I stopped at a services and when I got back to the car the machine was telling me 'no route found' however much I tried to programme it. I sorted it a few miles down the way so it all worked out fine.

Technology, doesn't work without electricity though. I got home to a cold dark house. The house is rented and so has a system of prepaying for electricity and the payment had run out over the weekend. I couldn't see inside the house. I couldn't find my matches and so went to a garage to get a torch.

I'd left my bed strewn with stuff that I'd had to turf out of a bag I wanted to use.

I found the water to be still hot so had a shower and went to bed. I had bought lots of food for the week but didn't put it in the fridge or freezer because I tried them and they weren't cold.

In the morning I could see, but the house was very cold.

The family came back mid morning and bought more electricity.