Monday, 8 February 2010

Designer Handbags

As I was finding my gate in Toronto airport, on my way from Raleigh, North Carolina USA to London, England, I walked through the posh duty free shop. I don't often venture into these places as they don't usually interest me.

I wandered past the designer bags and was really pleased that I couldn't find one I liked! I'd recently bought a bag from Walmart for $12 which I much preferred to any of the ones on display. I was shocked at this reaction and so, just in case I was being swayed by the fact that I couldn't afford any of them, especially as I'd just lost my money purse with over $100, I imagined someone telling me to buy any bag I liked as a present. (I have a good imagination.)

So I wandered past them all again, really trying to choose one for my present, ..... and couldn't find any that I wanted to own! I told my imaginary friend, and asked if I may choose something else instead, but was told "No. It's a bag or nothing." So I'm still using my Walmart bag.