Saturday, 14 November 2009

Being Offline

Being offline at home has it's advantages. I don't get distracted from stuff I need to do by Facebook or an email newsletter etc.

To save time at the library when I go, I'm writing several emails offline onto a notepad on my MacBook, keeping them in a file of my desktop, and will paste them into emails.

I'm also writing these blog posts as I go along.

The plan is also to write some web pages but I haven't done that yet.

G&M, being retired, don't stick to a timetable and get up late and M keeps telling me to have a rest. But actually I don't think I'm doing much for them.

G was amazed at the grocery bill yesterday, but they're enjoying the meals I'm cooking.
So far they've enjoyed real beef burgers, chicken pesto casserole and chicken korma. They've not had organic meat before and G was amazed at my asking about the origin of the meat I'm buying and reading the labels of everything I buy. He's enjoying learning about the difference between 'natural' and 'organic' produce. Natural produce doesn't guarantee the absence of GM (genetically modified) foods.