Monday, 3 November 2008

The Fireplace

I just love real fires and was so pleased to find a few on you Tube.
Actually the real reason why I am posting a fire on here is because I am doing PE with a Year 1/2 class on Tuesday and we are doing Dance this term. The teacher is doing the theme of fire all term and wants the children to do a fire dance.
I wanted to show the children a real fire in case they have never seen one. So this is the introduction to the lesson. The You Tube site may be blocked for classroom use and hopefully this blog site will be OK.
I have nearly decided to use the music Trisch Trasch Polka by Strauss as it is so lively and short. but we will not be using the music this week. Just introducing the movements and getting ideas from the children.

It is a shame that the one I liked best had the embedding information disabled. So this is the second best one.