Sunday, 15 June 2008

A Spot of Blood

9:15 pm and I wondered through a lovely walkway with interesting small houses on either side. Very middle class and neat and well kept. Coming towards me was a guy looking at the pathway. He stopped and said, "Have you seen any blood on Hollins Walk? I'm from the council and the police have just rung asking us to clean up some blood on Hollins Walk. Have you seen any?"
"I haven't seen any but then I haven't been looking at the ground. There are garages around the back on both sides so it might be round there." I replied.

Well, how peculiar! How did the blood get there? Surely if a crime had been committed there would be a cordoned-off-bit with police tape for forensic purposes. Had someone had a fall and broken flesh? Had someone brought a freshly killed animal carcass through from a car? Now that is a little far fetched isn't it? But I'm still wondering what the story is behind the blood spill on a peaceful residential walkway.