Wednesday, 14 May 2008

Seagulls and Pigeons

We look out over a huge playing field which is part of a park. Every morning during the winter months there has been a flock of seagulls eating worms.

I noticed the other day that they do not come anymore. We have had a warm, dry spell and the ground is hard.

I wonder if the seagulls have gone to the beach with all the holiday makers and day trippers? There would be lots of dropped food going there now.

We live nowhere near the sea. We are about 30 miles from the place which is the furthest away from the sea you can get in England.

We now have a flock of pigeons grazing on the area. I wonder what they are eating? They do not look as nice as the seagulls. I had to look twice to see what the grey things were on the grass. They looked a bit like rats with no tails.

The seagulls by contrast looked regal, especially when they all took off when a dog came into their vicinity.

I love watching the bounding, joyful dogs jumping around their owners as they take their exercise.