Sunday, 10 February 2008

Go to France on the Fairy

Our topic is transport. We had discussed the definition and, after talking with their partners, the children each gave an example as I moved around the room. They were surprisingly imaginative and I was pleased with how the lesson was going.

"truck,"..... "hot air balloon,"...... "ferry,"......... "double decker bus,"....... "army truck,".......... "donkey,"....... "bike," .......
....."um, Beauty and the Beast"......
"What? Oh Asma, that is a story. We are talking about transport. Something that take us to places or take things to places. Have another think and I'll come back to you."
....... 'rowing boat,'........ "train,"..... "plane,".....

"The next activity is to design a transport sculpture. You need to draw 4 designs and then choose which one you want to actually create."
Asma's paper was interesting, she had a car, bus, hot air balloon and a ..... fairy. "Why have you drawn a fairy?"
"Well someone said fairy."
"Oh, no, it was ferry! A ferry is a boat that takes people and cars across the sea or a wide river."
I'm thinking that she must have got confused when she heard 'fairy' and started thinking along the lines of fairy stories or something, in order to come up with the Beauty and the Beast contribution. Some teachers call this behaviour as 'being away with the fairies'. She has an element of that, but she is also learning English as a second language and as she sounds fluent it is easy to forget that she will find some things confusing.