Tuesday, 11 December 2007

EFT in Assembly

I got a call from the supply teaching agency to go to a school this afternoon for a year 6 class. The school was quite near my house, I have been there a few times before and liked it.
So there I was in the staff room having a bite to eat and the Head of year 6 said that he would be taking junior assembly this afternoon, but because he didn't know that he was supposed to be doing it he had not prepared anything.

I piped up that I could be a guest speaker and teach them all EFT. He agreed. I had already decided to teach the class EFT so after silent reading that is what I did. I conducted it like a workshop I did with teachers in Kuwait a few years ago.

The children wrote down a physical or emotional thing that was bothering them. Some found it difficult to think of anything, whilst others thought of three. I then asked them to rate it on a scale where 0 meant everything was fine and 10 meant they could not stand it any more.

I then chose a few children to come out to the front and work on their problems whilst the class tapped along. They then rated their problem again and wrote down the rating number it had changed to.

Ah, you may be wondering what I am talking about here! What is EFT and what does it mean to 'tap along'?

Sorry to confuse you. Here is an explanation.
EFT is short for Emotional Freedom Technique. It is an energy therapy and was simplified by Gary Craig from a very complicated version. Gary wants the whole world to benefit from this amazing technique and so you can download a free manual on how to do it at his website http:/www.emofree.com . You can also see a really cool video where a guy who used to have an injured back and subsequently MS is now jumping up and down after doing EFT. (this will have taken him many hours but hey, can conventional medicine produce a similar story?)

Gary does such a great job so I encourage you to explore that site. I will just tell you that the tapping is done on the meridian points on the body (mainly the face) and is a form of acupressure.

Easy to learn and very effective.
The children's problems ranged from headache, anger because teacher took my phone off me, hurt back from a fall in the playground, upset that year 3 girls were fighting at lunchtime, and a teacher telling me off for something I didn't do.

During assembly I had a few kids come up who wanted to share their problems - one physical and one emotional, whilst the juniors tapped along.

I suggested that they do this each evening whilst thinking of the day's events, especially when someone has done/said something to hurt them.
They could also tap when struggling with a maths problem or faced with a test.

I am so glad that I listened to and acted upon that little voice within that was encouraging me to volunteer to do the assembly.