Saturday, 16 December 2006


This was an experience. There is a law here, which states that no one is allowed to eat, drink or smoke in public during daylight hours. The smoking bit of course didn’t bother me but I was very bugged by the other part! I felt that my liberty was curtailed. It was still hot here, 90 degrees F. I was in the habit of taking a bottle of water wherever I went and having swigs especially in the car (public place). I also had water frequently in the classroom (public place). Fortunately, the staff room was deemed not to be a public place. Jane and I sometimes disappeared into the kids’ toilets to have a long drink if we got desperate. The children of course were exempt from this law. The weather, having cooled somewhat was pleasant to be outside and it would have been lovely to have taken a picnic to the Hilton and had a day or afternoon out. However, if I wanted to do that I had to eat in the dark! When Ramadan finished, I did not want to go for a swim and picnic in the cold sand storms.
The upside of Ramadan is the shorter working day. Usually we have to be in school for 7:10 am but in Ramadan that changed to 8:40. Other schools finished earlier but we stayed open until the usual time.